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Whoop is the type a friend i've always needed

rest days are appropriate when you have not been consistently under training. otherwise, they can be missed opportunities.

  • whoop

i've been testing whoop for a month and a half now and i quite like it. so far it wears well, the battery lasts long, it's painless to charge and the app is insightful and provides actual coaching and feedback that is easy to interpret. it also connects to strava and automatically pushes my rides over.

whats interesting is that a weight lifting sessions barely registers on the strain scale in whoop which ranges from 0-21. whoops only interested in heart jacking cardio, the longer and harder your heart beats the higher the strain level.

each day, whoops gives me a strain target based on my heart rate variability, resting heart rate, breaths per minute as well as sleep quality, quantity and sleep debt.

i've found an hour of hiking or mountain biking will easily generate 10 strain but doing a shoulder and chest workout isn't even a 6.

the other interesting thing is that the amount of strain generated varies day to day. i've found that i'll generate more strain while mountain biking on days when i am feeling tired and rundown.

i wish i took before pictures, already with the riding i've been doing lately, i'm feeling lean. i'm stoked to see where this goes this winter. i'm dialed into the zone, and training lots.

the goal is a full 6 pack by february.